Living in Australia

Just some musings on being a Brit down under…

Dictionary corner

Australians have weird words for things. Here’s some of the ones I’ve come across so far – comment with any others!

Petrol station – servo

Toilet – dunny

Break – smoko

Ill – crook

You alright? – how you going? I’ve found that if you ask someone if they’re alright, as opposed to how they’re going, they see it as a serious question and get quite concerned – not least my partner’s patients.

Cool box – eski

Lunch – feed

Sausage – snag

Cigarette – durry

Tinny – boat or a beer

Cafetière – plunger

Contactless – pay wave

Back lane – laneway

Thong – flip flop

Swimming costume – togs

Duna – duvet

Sweets – lollies

Flat/apartment – unit

Rugby/AFL – footy (even though neither of these sports are actually football…)

First come served – first in best dressed

Not here to mess around – not here to fuck spiders. I was pretty concerned the first time I heard this at work.

Australian Roads

They are very wide and very long and not generally not very smooth.They are also full of terrifying signs like ‘Rest Now or Rest In Peace’, ‘Survive This Drive’, and ‘Trivia May Save Your Life’. On the plus side, there’s lots of roadside rest stops which will give you a free coffee if you’re the driver.

The fire danger rating signs are pretty scary too. They start at low-moderate, and don’t even finish at extreme: the top category is catastrophic…

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