Active volcanoes and lazy beach days: Vanuatu, Pacific Islands

Vanuatu is made up of over 80 islands, dotted across 1,300km of the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and Fiji. The diversity of the scenery is truly remarkable, which means whatever your idea of a perfect island adventure is chances are you can do it here. Hike up an erupting volcano and ash board back down? Check. Snorkel through stunning blue holes and caves? Check. Scuba dive in shipwrecks? Check. Relax on white sandy beaches next to crystal clear water? Absolutely check. Click to read about the top things to do and the best places to stay in Vanuatu.

Pizzas and Piazzas: Florence, Italy

There’s the old adage that love means being willing to sacrifice. For Florence, I very willingly sacrifice sleep, savings and any form of calorie counting - and would gladly do so any day of the week. It’s an easy exchange. Here you are repaid in cultural experiences that are nothing short of amazing. Click to read about Vespa tours, wonderful walks, and all the best bits of Florence.

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