DIY Honeymoon Planning

This article first appeared on To The Aisle Australia, where you can discover bespoke Australian bridal designers and wedding services.

Bryn, from To The Aisle:

After meeting on a recent trip over to the fabulous Musgrave Island for Mother’s day, Kate sent me her write-up of the day she and her partner experienced. Completely impressed with the style of writing accompanying this and the many fantastic trips on this growing travel blog, we offered to join forces so that we can offer our readers the same DIY travel inspiring resource. Each post is jam packed full of useful information, supports family run businesses wherever possible and enough images to entice not spoil upcoming trips.

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Image from To The Aisle Australia

Kate, from Talbaht’s Travels:

Wedding planning can be both intensely exciting and incredibly exhausting. The big day itself promises to be an extraordinary celebration of you and your partner’s love and commitment to one another, and it can be hard to imagine anything beyond the date you have been so focused on for months, if not years. But imagine you must, because what comes after a wedding? Your magical honeymoon!

I am delighted to be teaming up with To The Aisle to help provide inspiration and ideas for those first precious days or weeks you will spend together as a married couple. Will you jet across the world or enjoy the wonders of your own backyard? Do you dream of lying on white sands next to aquamarine waters with absolutely nothing on your to do list? Or perhaps an active adventure calls out to you? A road trip that takes in lots of places in a short time? Would you prefer to explore a city on foot? A safari through the Serengeti? Get in a kayak to see places that can’t be found any other way? How about helicopter rides over breathtaking coastlines? Or is it something else entirely? There are plenty of ideas here.

I have been excited about seeing new places for as a long as I can remember, and have been lucky enough to visit five of the seven continents more than once. I travelled across the world for six months when I was 18, lived in four different cities, and have now moved to Queensland from my native UK.

Like To The Aisle, I prefer to support independent businesses rather than big chains, and am always seeking out unusual and bespoke experiences. I blame my parents for infecting me with the travel bug which has used up the majority of my income, but I can’t complain too much. After all, life’s too short not to have adventures.

Head to the Romantic Trips and Honeymoon ideas page for some inspiration. 

This article first appeared on To The Aisle Australia.

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